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True Solution Is The World's Best Tasting Naturally Delicious Allergen Free Protein Shake

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Naturally Delicious

True Solution contains no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, fake fillers, or artificial sweeteners.

Allergen Free

True Solution contains no soy, egg, milk, whey or any other allergens.  

Gluten Free

True Solution is gluten free and contains 5 grams of fiber and 23 vitamins and minerals.  

Plant Protein

True Solution contains 17g of 100% pure plant based protein!

True Solution chocolate protein shake is the Supermarket Guru’s “Hit of The Week”


What Customers Say

As a vegan I was always in search of an on-the-go dairy free meal replacement shake. True Solution is not only convenient but it tastes great!
Mark, Thousand Oaks, CA
I’m so thankful for True Solution. Finally an alternative to the unhealthy Ensure shakes I was giving to my elderly mother!
Marcie, Los Angeles, CA
True Solution is a great tasting snack in between school and my soccer practice!
Emily, Calabasas, CA
I use True Solution daily when making my morning smoothie. The taste is amazing!
David, Santa Barbara, CA

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